Tuddenham Mill's Chef Patron, Lee Bye

Tuddenham Mill's Chef Patron, Lee Bye

6th October 2017

In June 2017, Tuddenham Mill appointed their award-winning Head Chef, Lee Bye, as Chef Patron. We catch up with Lee to find out all about his new journey so far.

What are your upcoming plans for Tuddenham Mill?
Very much the same as from day one. To welcome more and more guests through our doors old and new to experience what we offer here at the Mill.

Have you made any changes since you have been appointed as Chef Patron?
I have appointed a new Restaurant Manager to our team to galvanise our dining room. Service is massively important to the experience at Tuddenham Mill.
We also have some allotments in the village now that are giving us another dynamic and core to how we want to cook and operate as Chefs. It is important that the Chefs work with a thought process rather than just buy, buy, buy!

Sous Chef, Stuart Drake
Sous Chef, Stuart Drake, picking treats from our allotment

Do you still have a large focus in the kitchen since taking on your new role?
I am very much still involved with the team. Some of the kitchen team have been with me here since day one and Stuart my right-hand man even longer. I am confident this new position will not only grow me but more importantly, the brigade in the kitchen too. I’m very excited for their journeys in this too.

Tuddenham Mill's kitchen team
The kitchen team at Tuddenham Mill

What challenges have you faced since being appointed Chef Patron?
I felt I was very much in-tune with my challenges that the kitchen brought me each day from produce coming through the door, people headaches and the direction we needed to be everyday as a brigade. Since becoming Chef Patron, my days haven’t quite found a harmony. I quite like that though.

What attracted you to this new challenge?
Personal development, without a doubt. I invite pressure and need to be challenged. I am a Chef through and through, but I need to add to my armoury if I am going to be successful in years that are ahead of me in this industry. I don’t want to be at the stove with a walking stick.

What would you say is the key to running a successful hotel business?
Evolvement, consistency, sales, tough love.

What for you, as a guest, sets Tuddenham Mill apart from other hotels?
A team who are committed to making memories for every guest who comes through our doors. Every colleague at Tuddenham Mill from our restaurant team, housekeepers, kitchen porters all have that same desire to wow our guests. That is something that I want to harness and grow while I’m here.

How would you describe your management style?
I think it’s unique. 

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