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Weddings at Tuddenham Mill

20th September 2017

Our Wedding and Events Coordinator, Honey Childs, joined Tuddenham Mill in February 2017. Honey’s passion is creating the perfect and memorable day for someone, whether it’s that special day where two people are committing to each other for the rest of their lives, or a reunion of friends to an anniversary dinner. Prior to joining Tuddenham Mill, Honey worked with award-winning suppliers in the wedding industry leading a variety of events for up to 2000 – 3000 people. “I always wanted to go into events, I started volunteering and working in all sorts of different places and industries and somehow landed in the wedding industry, I have no idea how, I just did – and I love it” says Honey.

We catch up with Honey to find out a bit more about her role and everything you need to know about weddings at Tuddenham Mill.

Why is Tuddenham Mill the ideal place for a wedding venue?
It’s unique and perfect for a small intimate day. With exclusive use, historic and modern quirks, award-winning food, an amazing team and so much more… you need to come and see it to believe it!

What can the wedding party expect if they choose to have a wedding a Tuddenham Mill?
A relaxing day to enjoy with friends and family.

How many weddings to do you roughly hold at Tuddenham Mill a year?
30 – 40.

Wedding breakfast at Tuddenham Mill
Weddings at Tuddenham Mill

What services do you offer?
Once they have booked a wedding or event, they are completely stuck with me! I like to provide a service where I can get to know every person, it really helps pull a day together and helps everything run smoothly. I’m there to help with those last-minute questions and advise where needed. Tuddenham Mill is one of the first and last places the couple will go to regarding their wedding so I’m here to help with all things related – I am obsessed.

How do you keep in touch with the couples and how often do you meet with them prior to their day?
I meet with the couples a minimum of 3 times. Once when they book, once when they come in to taste their wedding food and once one month before. However, it’s usually more than this. I can work around everyones work schedules and we can have contact through emails, phone calls and meetings to suit each individual’s needs.

How else do you work with the wedding party to plan their perfect day?
I like to get in touch with all the suppliers who are going to be there on the day. It just helps to know who you’re expecting. Often the best man, bridesmaids or family members call up to discuss things which is always nice, as you start to get familiar with a few guests before the big day.

Wedding ceremony at Tuddenham Mill
The room set up by Honey ready for the ceremony

Can you talk us through your role the morning of the wedding and how you prepare for the wedding ceremony?
I arrive at Tuddenham Mill bright and early the morning of the wedding. If any of the wedding party have stayed with us the night prior I will pop in to say hello and check that they have everything they need. I then begin setting up the room ready for the ceremony, my clients often provide me with the decorations beforehand and show me how they wish the for the room to be set up throughout the day. The wedding guests begin to arrive around 1 hour before the ceremony starts. There is always such a great buzz in the hotel with excited friends and family ready to celebrate with the couple. Once the registrars arrive it’s all systems go, private chats are had between the registrars and the couple, whilst the guests are anticipating their entrance upstairs. I make sure ushers, best men and bridesmaids all in the places they need to be, and I’m in the background giving nods to all the people who need nodding to, making sure everything is ticking along nicely. Meanwhile, our housekeeping team are hard at work making sure all our bedrooms are done and clean on time ready for the wedding guests who are staying.

Wedding ceremony at Tuddenham Mill
Wedding ceremony at Tuddenham Mill

What happens after the ceremony?
After what’s usually an emotional rollercoaster of a ceremony, all the guests make their way downstairs for confetti, drinks, canapes and photos which I leave in the safe hands of our marvellous food and beverage team. Whilst this is happening, me and my team of handy helpers are turning the room around ready for the wedding breakfast, the first meal as a married couple. I’m there to make sure this room is sparkling before they come up to eat. With the help of a few loud wedding guests, we usher everyone upstairs ready for more mouth-watering food! I’m there to point everyone in the right direction and then will be hiding in the kitchen directing food to the right places. Whilst the newly-weds and all their wedding guests are enjoying the award-winning food, suppliers for the evening are getting ready downstairs. Soon it comes to that time of the day where bets are made, fizz is handed out and those long-awaited speeches happen. A few laughs and a few tears later, it’s time to head to the bar. Music is playing, first dances are happening, the cake is cut and myself and the team are turning the room upstairs around again for breakfast the next morning. By this time all the formalities of a wedding day are done, and myself and the team are here to help you keep on partying. With some easy to eat food and hopefully a few drinks later, midnight reaches, and it’s time for guests and hopefully a very happy couple to make their way to bed. Again, myself, and our handy night porter are here to help with any lost stragglers who can’t quite remember where their room is…

Wedding cake at Tuddenham Mill, wedding venue
Wedding cake 

What can the happy couple and their wedding guests expect the following morning?
The next morning, we are here bright and early to feed and nurture those whom are slightly worse for wear. A delicious breakfast is ready in our restaurant, and all decorations from the day before are at the reception ready to be returned. We all say our goodbyes and that is the end of a typical wedding here at Tuddenham Mill. 

If you wish to find out more about our unique wedding venue, simply contact our Events and Wedding Coordinator, Honey, on 01638 713552 or events@tuddenhammill.co.uk. You can also find out more information about our weddings here > Weddings at Tuddenham Mill.

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